Map #3 Catch!

Map #3 Catch!

This map takes place on Griftball Court and it is a map where you play catch! There are Griftballs in the corners and you can throw them to a desired person. Then, they try to catch the ball. When someone catches the ball, they get a point! Whoever got the most points wins. This map will be released same date with the first and second map on the first day of summer break! Have fun guys!


Map #2 Indy 500

Map#2 Indy 500

This map takes place at Ravine and it is a race map! Start off going to a cannon that starts the race and go through tunnels and bridges and even UNDER the ravine! Then, you go back up and go through the Ravine Building which will bring you to the ramp that takes you to the FINISH LINE! Enjoy this map and it will be released in the same date( which is the first day school lets out for summer break!) as the other maps! Enjoy!

Map #1 Apparition

Map #1: Apparition

This map is made on Griftball Court and it is an awesome map! First, you spawn on a weaponry and there will be lots of weapons in that room. Then, you go to the teleporters that will bring you to the battlefield ( Take note that once you go to the field, you can’t go back to the weaponry unless you die!). The battlefield has 2 towers, one for red and blue. It also has a floating platform that will lead you to the Banshee towers and the Capture points. The Capture Points are in the corners and they are hard to reach. In the points are the most strongest guns (Incineration C., Rocket L., Binary and Beam Rifles etc.). This map is balanced and it is very fun to play in! This will be released with other maps on the first day of summer break! Have fun and enjoy!